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drukujWho are we?

We are employees of the Marshal's Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship in Lublin - therefore, we represent the local government of regional (Voivodeship) level. That is us, along with another 15 offices of this level in Poland, to distribute the European Union money in the framework of Regional Operational Programmes (ROP). We have been specialising in this field for a long time - we gained our experience implementing pre-accession funds and initiatives (e.g. PHARE)  - before Poland joined European Union.

For the last 4 years we implemented the IOPRD, i.e. The Integrated Operational Programme of Regional Development. It is our objective to keep improving our services. We are happy to have the privilege to not only implement, but also prepare and manage independently Regional Operational Programme - as we are the Managing Authority for Regional Operational Programme for Lubelskie Voivodeship (MA ROP LV). That is us, Strategy and Development Department, to carry out this honourable duty on behalf of the Board of Lubelskie Voivodeship.

In short, the management consists of:

  • creating IT system for accounting all financial operation within ROP;
  • making procedures for archiving all necessary documents in accordance with the requirements;
  • controlling the correctness of the subsidy spending;
  • cooperating with certifying body;
  • directing the monitoring committee and providing it with necessary documentation;
  • preparing and presenting the European Commission with yearly and final reports on implementation and all the necessary information;
  • guaranteeing the observation of information and promotion requirements.

Our role, however, does not finish here. Additionally, we also do operational tasks that include:

  • announcing and carrying out the calls for proposals,
  • looking after formal, substantive, technical and financial evaluation procedures of proposals,
  • concluding co-financing agreements and annexes,
  • verifying individual and preparing overall payment applications,
  • monitoring the implementation of the programme and preparing reports and other documents,
  • taking part in evaluation procedures, i.e. evaluating the quality of programme implementation,
  • carrying out control activities, detecting and reporting irregularities,
  • informing about and promoting ROP and all our activities, what is evident in this website.

The operational tasks of ROP that refer to entrepreneurs are done for us by Lubelska Agency for Entrepreneurship Support, which is therefore called the Intermediary Institution of 2nd degree.



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