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drukujROP, which is what?

ROP is a colloquial abbreviation of Regional Operational Programme. There are 16 such programmes in Poland, one for each Voivodeship. By saying ROP, we refer to Regional Operational Programme of Lubelskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013. Such a time scope reflects 7-year financial perspective in EU, i.e. the time for utilizing the sums of money programmed for particular countries and regions.

You need to know that regional operational programmes coexist with other EU initiatives and contribute to the National Development Strategy for the years 2007-2015 and National Strategic Reference Framework 2007 - 2013 - National Cohesion Strategy: These initiatives are:

Where is the money from?

The pool of money comes from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), i.e. the fund made for balancing the level of development in all EU regions.

The objectives of the programme:

Our programme has two major objectives: QUICK ECONOMIC GROWTH and INCREASE OF EMPLOYMENT. We want to achieve them by utilizing natural and cultural resources of Lubelskie region.

  • We count on modern economy and stimulating innovations. By implementing the programme we will improve the investment conditions in our region.
  • Our target is also to increase the attractiveness of Lubelskie as a place to live, work and rest.



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