Polecane wydarzenia




Subsidies will be granted for

  • road construction and modernization: on Voivodeship, county, commune level, including bridges, flyovers, tunnels, ring roads and other constructions in road passages with adjacent infrastructure (access roads to national and regional connections will be prioritised - main communication routes in the Voivodeship);
  • investments improving the access to regional and cross-regional centres and centres of European significance, to planned industrial objects, to the airport and to tourist attractions (investments in road infrastructure of local significance which are key connections with national and regional roads for a given area will be supported);
  • national road construction and modernization, only in county-type cities (Lublin, Chełm, Biała Podlaska, Zamość);
  • modernizing trolley-bus and bus networks, including modernizing and purchase of new means of transportation, especially with eco-friendly drive, projects aimed at improving the quality of public urban transportation (i.e. mass, organized urban transportation systems for passengers in cities and functionally connected areas, in which public transportation services are rendered);
  • modernization of bus-stops, stations and transfer roads integrated with various means of transportation, including car parks of "Park and Ride" type and bicycles at last stops of mass communication lines along with adjacent infrastructure for passenger service (comprehensive projects of public transportation systems in cities of more than 30 thousand citizens with functionally connected areas.
  • tasks stimulating the increase of road safety in a form of building infrastructure such as grade-separated cross-roads, pedestrian and road lanes separation, lengthening left-turn lanes, etc.;
  • upgrading rail roads accompanied by rail-bus purchase for regional public transport (railroads serving international connections running through Lubelskie Voivodeship - E20, 7, 69 and 65 - will be prioritised);
  • development of Świdnik airport and adapting it to the purposes of regional airport of international character.



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